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Gauteng Premier David Makhura lay wreath at the Sharpeville Massacre commemoration.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura lay wreath at the Sharpeville Massacre commemoration. 


SHARPEVILLE- Gauteng Premier, David Makhura says the death of sixty nine people who died during the Sharpeville massacre in 1960 was not in vain.

They were brutally killed by the apartheid police during a peaceful protest against pass laws.

Makhura was speaking at the annual commemoration which is now known as the Human Rights Day.

As the country remembers those who died and the many victims who were also wounded on the day, Makhura said it is befitting to launch an anti-racism initiative which will uphold the rights of all South Africans.

“Government is committed to assisting the families of those that died because most of these families are impoverished and marginalised due to the loss of their loved ones.

Most of the youth in these families are unemployed. This is our immediate concern to ensure that they find employment so they can take care of their families,” said Makhura.

Makhura also pledged that the families of those that died during the Sharpeville massacre will also be prioritised in the allocation of housing in the area.

“A nation that cannot honour those that sacrificed for the future of many more generations is not a respectable nation,” added Makhura.

He said it was therefore important to ensure that all people live in dignity when talking about Human Rights.

To this end, he said the province would also launch a major initiative.

“We are going to take the children of the victims and survivours back to school. But our priority is the elder people. The country that does not respect or take care of its veterans is dead,” he explained.

According to the Premier, they are also going to offer houses to ex-combatant who are homeless but they are going to start with elderly people and those who are physical challenge.

He said those can build for themselves are going to be given empty stands.

DA's Khume Ramulifho calls for quality improved matric pass

DA’s Khume Ramulifho calls for quality improved matric pass. Photo: Sourced

The Democratic Alliance in Gauteng has moved swiftly in calling for improved quality pass amid top matric results which were announced on Tuesday.

In a statement issued Khume Ramulifho, MPL DA Gauteng Shadow MEC of Education said, “We will be asking Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, to provide a breakdown of passes for each school in the province to ensure that targeted interventions are made to improve the quality of passes in 2016.”

“The quality of passes opens doors for more opportunities. The success of this province is dependent on young people who work hard, prepared to create and utilise opportunities,” Ramulifho added.

Ramulifho congratulated learners who passed grade 12 in 2015 with strong emphasis to the Sedibeng district for being the best district in the country.

Gauteng took second position following the Western Cape (84.7%) with 84.2%. the DA believes that more emphasis is required to fix the education system especially at schools that fall within the quintile 1-3 (Schools in quintile1,2 and 3 have been declared no-fee schools, while schools in quintiles 4 and 5 are fee-paying schools).

“Many of these schools operate under difficult circumstances including overcrowding, lack of resources and socio-economic challenges. This will assist in redressing inequalities in our country,” Ramulifho concluded.

ALUTA CONTINUA Gogo Nomasonto Mzoto seen with Lebo Mofokeng in a meeting that failed to bear desired fruits

ALUTA CONTINUA: Gogo Nomasonto Mzoto seen with Lebo Mofokeng during a meeting that failed to bear fruits.                                                                                                                                                     Picture by Reginald Nhlapo.

By Reginald Nhlapo and Smanga Kumalo

Emfuleni Local Municipality’s ‘good gesture’ over festive season proved to be misplaced when one of its high ranking official got more than she bargained for.

In our previous post we ran a news article titled “I don’t want much, I want a house”

The 78-year-old Nomasonto Mzoto from Sonderwater, just outside Evaton made a plea to the leadership in Sedibeng region for a house.

Mzoto claims to have applied for an RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) house; however when she went to check her name on the house allocation system, she was told it was not reflecting.

Spokesperson in the mayor’s office, Lebo Mofokeng accompanied by these journalists visited Mzoto’s home in a bid to present her with a Christmas gift, however joy was short-lived when Mofokeng was left with an egg on her face when the feisty Mzoto blatantly refused an already assembled corrugated iron meant to shelter her for an alleged temporary period.

Spotting lollipops in her hand as she takes intervals in between doing laundry, Mzoto said; “What must I do with another shack, I have mine which I have been living under all these years and the last thing I need is another one with a leaky roof irrespective of how fancy it is; I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but how hard can it be for a government that strive a better life for all to grant me a proper shelter,” she asked.

The visibly agitated Mofokeng emphasised; “Following a published story on your platforms, together with the executive mayor Mahole Mofokeng, we felt compelled to temporarily shelter Mzoto whilst busy with the procedure as it is a lengthy exercise. We are saddened that she turned us down and we have no other alternative but to revert to her when the house is available.

Mofokeng would not say when and if the house will ever be available for Mzoto.

▪ The matter has since been escalated to the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements for attention. Meanwhile assistance from members of the public to attain Gogo Mzoto’s elusive dream is welcomed and you can contact us at 081 3808 266

Paulina Mzoto reiterating her sordid encounter and a need for a shelter. Photo by Reginald Nhlapo

DESTITUTE: Nomasonto Mzoto reiterate her sordid ordeal as she make a plea to government. Photo by Reginald Nhlapo.

By Smanga Kumalo

SONDERWATER – TWO decades post democracy, Nomasonto Paulina Mzoto is still living in a shack.

Stepping into her shack one is greeted by the sun rays through holes on the roof and wind blowing immensely outside.

Despite being one of the senior citizens in the Vaal (Sedibeng Region) who casted her vote in the first democratic elections in 1994 hoping to get a better life, but her dream is shattered, she had to endure the struggle.

The 78-year-old granny says she applied for an RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) house, but when she went to check her name on the system she was told it is not reflecting.

She lives in a dreadful shack not far from where the RDP houses were issued.

Emfuleni Local Municipality(ELM) is mum on when they are going to help her get +a house as an indigent or a special case.

Mzoto is aware her life is deteriorating, but remains hopeful that the municipality will someday heed her plea before she departs this world.
When these newshounds visited her, she was not in a good state as she struggled to breath.

“I do not want much, I only need a house. Many people who I lived with inclusive of my husband died while waiting for their houses. When is the government going to give me a house, why are they side lining me, she asked.

In her first consultation with this scribe, she stated her willingness to meet with the-then ELM Mayor, Greta Hlongwane and Sedibeng District Municipality’s Mahole Mofokeng.

“I am tired now, scores of people and officials frequent my place, take pictures of my house and dire situation with a promise of bettering my demise but nothing has changed. Go and tell those mayors I want to see them,” she concluded.

LIGHTS ON: Jake Lehoko gives a live demonstration of how the electricity meter box will work during the Smart Meter launch.

LIGHTS ON: Jake Lehoko gives a live demonstration
of how the electricity meter box will
work during the Smart Meter launch.

Emfuleni Local Municipality(ELM) is in the process of entering a new chapter with the roll-out of smart meters for both electricity and water to residential households and busi¬nesses in Emfuleni.

The Project which is estimated in the region of a billion rand which was made possible by the Public Pri¬vate Partnership between the ELM, Chinese based BFC company and BXC SA was launched on Thursday at Lapa on Vaal, Three Rivers.

The implementation of the Smart Meters throughout Emfuleni is said to assist the municipality in improving its infrastructure, overcoming challenges associated with estimat¬ed meter readings, inaccurate bill¬ing and loss of revenue.

Addressing the media, Municipal Manager, Sam Shabalala said tech world has been moving very fast and that goes hand-in-hand with urbanisation.

“The system is a mechanism to regulate and not to cut consumption for basic services and the residents can rest assured knowing that the municipality didn’t spent a cent on the 10-year contract as such there is no way in the future we will hike the tariff to compensate the debt in-curred,” Shabalala added.

The 60-page performance based contract which was negotiated for four (4) years has a clause which gives the municipality the right to step-in without the service provid¬er interdicting.

“We didn’t want to risk resi¬dent’s money and negotiated with the private sector to bear the risk instead, residents will be able to view their consumption patterns and make informed decisions around managing and reducing their consumption.

The benefits of the installation mean that there will be no more estimated bills and will reduce theft of water and electricity as the smart meters will have anti-tampering technology and tamper alarms linked to the municipality’s system,” Shabalala concluded.

LAND ISSUE: Lakeside residents joined by members of the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance’s up arms marching for housing.

LAND ISSUE: Lakeside residents joined by members of the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance’s up arms marching for housing.

What was said to be a ‘peace¬ful’ march undertaken by the residents of Lakeside extensions, Orange Farm ended in a cul-de-sac when two political parties locked horns.

The march which was to seek solu¬tion following eviction of certain Re¬construction and Development Pro¬gramme (RDP) houses occupiers and to address a number of issues relating to housing in the area which has been a predicament for over two decades proved futile when members of the Af¬rican National Congress (ANC) and Democratic Alliance (DA) tussled over each other resulting to the disappear¬ance of a memorandum that was meant to be handed over to Gauteng Human Set¬tlements, MEC Jacob Mamabolo.

It is alleged that some home occupiers are not the rightful owners while major¬ity are without title deeds.

Dressed in yellow t-shirts, ANC mem¬bers argued that the DA hijacked the march and made it their own and that they won’t sit in their laurels and watch as the opposition party influence mem¬bers of the community.

In a spare of the moment Ward 02 Councillor Siphiwe Mshayisa and fellow comrades barricaded the entry to local government offices; this act saw DA PR councillor Sizwe Mnguni leading his flock to the nearest police station in an attempt to open a case of violation of rights against the ruling party.

Mshayisa said, “The opposition want to politicise this march, as members of the ANC, we won’t allow this to hap¬pen. We are heading to 2016 elections, now everyone wants to be visible in the community. This march was organ¬ised by South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) leaders, col¬lectively with the DA decided to give them support. But we were so shocked when we see them hijacking it.”

He added by saying the march was supposed to be guided by community leaders.

“They have intimidated us when we are about to hand over the memoran¬dum. Now we are planning to open a case of intimidation against them” ex¬plained Mnguni.

He said despite the disruption of ANC, they would find a way to meet with Mamabolo’s office.
Mnguni fumed: “The community must know that this is not over. We will fight for what we believe is right.”

Orange Farm acting station com¬mander, Mxolisi Nama confirmed that DA members came lay a complaint and tried to open a case against ANC mem¬bers.

“We can’t open a case of intimidation if they were just stopped from the entrance. Our officials will go and investigate whether that took place, then we will take it from there” concluded Nama.
Tshepo Ndlalane, a representa¬tive from SANCO said they are disappointed by the leadership of DA because the memorandum was supposed to be handed by them.

According to him, their organisa¬tion is the one which was mandat¬ed to lead all community marches.