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Posted: 01/10/2015 in Feature
UNITED: Members of Rekopane Sihlange Burial society

UNITED: Members of Rekopane Sihlange Burial society.

The number of South Africans living in poverty has increased since 2010 because some people are retrenched from their job.

Some people are struggling to bury their loved ones, now men from Eva¬ton North have came together and es¬tablished Rekopane Sihlangene burial society.

Consisting mainly of soldiers the society was formed in 2003 but when time went on, they decided accommo¬date everyone.

Now they have plumbers, electri¬cians and other professionals in their team.

When it started, they had seven members but now the number of members has increased to 19.

Disciplinary Committee, Thaele Mo more members to come to join them.

“If you or one of your spouse’s passes on, we offer an amount in a region of R33000 in cash.
We also give you R500 to make calls or to cover tiny things,” he said.

Another member, Zenzile Jwili, said they opted to institute the society be¬cause many people were struggling to bury their loved ones.

Jwili added: “We have helped many people including those who were not part of our society. Some houses are child-headed families and when disas¬ter strikes, they struggle to do anything.
We have aided such families.”

They do not only accommodate peo¬ple from Vaal, they also travel to other provinces.

“Recently we have travelled to East¬ern Cape to bury one of the members.
We do travel to other areas,” explained Jwili.