Lakeside housing issue, a fiber challenge -Bovu

Posted: 27/02/2016 in Current Affairs, Politics
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CoJ Housing MMC Bonakele Bovu addressing residents of Lakeside extensions.

CoJ Housing MMC Bonakele Bovu addressing residents of Lakeside extensions.


LAKESIDE – RESIDENTS are fuming as they haven’t received their title deeds to attests as owners of the Reconstruction and Development Programme [RDP] housing projects meanwhile scores have unlawfully occupied houses.

Now, they have resorted to MMC for Housing at the City of Joburg, Dan Bonakele Bovu to mediate, since they believe five previous Gauteng MEC’s namely Dan Mofokeng, Paul Mashatile, Nomvula Mokonyane, Humphrey Memezi and Jacob Mamabolo dismally failed them.

Undertaken in 1996, this massive housing project located at the entrance of south of Joburg near Boulevard says very little about the promise of a better life for the poor.

Late last year, residents went on a rampage barricading Boulevard and Palm Drive by burning tyres and rocks to get the department to listen.

On Sunday, Bovu responded to their turmoil and notified them that the department has appointed a committee including lawyers that will deal with this “fiber challenge”.

Some residents claimed they have received eviction letters from the sheriffs. However, Bovu poured cold water emphasizing that no-one including the councilor has the power to evict people.

“This is an ancient challenge, we call it a fiber challenge, but we can’t say it is difficult and problematic. We were busy auditing these houses but we did not finish. Please open doors for us so that we can manage to sort out these issues,” he urged residents.

During the audit, the department has established that two people own one house and this is attributed to illegal occupation of the houses.

Bovu confirmed that there are people who occupied houses having not applied for them.

There are also allegations that some officials were selling houses to people.
Asked about the way forward, Bovu said those who have houses in Lakeside but are not occupying them, they would be re-routed.

Few RDP houses in the area are incomplete as the contractor left only concrete slabs.

The beneficiaries claim they’re unable to complete the houses citing poverty and unemployment.

Committee leader, Lazarus Hlape, said they fought amongst themselves as residents.

“We have turned this ward upside down, but we know what we want,” said Hlape.



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