Emfuleni municipality fails, yet again, to help Mzoto

Posted: 31/12/2015 in Current Affairs, Politics
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ALUTA CONTINUA Gogo Nomasonto Mzoto seen with Lebo Mofokeng in a meeting that failed to bear desired fruits

ALUTA CONTINUA: Gogo Nomasonto Mzoto seen with Lebo Mofokeng during a meeting that failed to bear fruits.                                                                                                                                                     Picture by Reginald Nhlapo.

By Reginald Nhlapo and Smanga Kumalo

Emfuleni Local Municipality’s ‘good gesture’ over festive season proved to be misplaced when one of its high ranking official got more than she bargained for.

In our previous post we ran a news article titled “I don’t want much, I want a house”

The 78-year-old Nomasonto Mzoto from Sonderwater, just outside Evaton made a plea to the leadership in Sedibeng region for a house.

Mzoto claims to have applied for an RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) house; however when she went to check her name on the house allocation system, she was told it was not reflecting.

Spokesperson in the mayor’s office, Lebo Mofokeng accompanied by these journalists visited Mzoto’s home in a bid to present her with a Christmas gift, however joy was short-lived when Mofokeng was left with an egg on her face when the feisty Mzoto blatantly refused an already assembled corrugated iron meant to shelter her for an alleged temporary period.

Spotting lollipops in her hand as she takes intervals in between doing laundry, Mzoto said; “What must I do with another shack, I have mine which I have been living under all these years and the last thing I need is another one with a leaky roof irrespective of how fancy it is; I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but how hard can it be for a government that strive a better life for all to grant me a proper shelter,” she asked.

The visibly agitated Mofokeng emphasised; “Following a published story on your platforms, together with the executive mayor Mahole Mofokeng, we felt compelled to temporarily shelter Mzoto whilst busy with the procedure as it is a lengthy exercise. We are saddened that she turned us down and we have no other alternative but to revert to her when the house is available.

Mofokeng would not say when and if the house will ever be available for Mzoto.

▪ The matter has since been escalated to the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements for attention. Meanwhile assistance from members of the public to attain Gogo Mzoto’s elusive dream is welcomed and you can contact us at 081 3808 266



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