I don’t want much, I want a house

Posted: 24/12/2015 in Current Affairs, Politics
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Paulina Mzoto reiterating her sordid encounter and a need for a shelter. Photo by Reginald Nhlapo

DESTITUTE: Nomasonto Mzoto reiterate her sordid ordeal as she make a plea to government. Photo by Reginald Nhlapo.

By Smanga Kumalo

SONDERWATER – TWO decades post democracy, Nomasonto Paulina Mzoto is still living in a shack.

Stepping into her shack one is greeted by the sun rays through holes on the roof and wind blowing immensely outside.

Despite being one of the senior citizens in the Vaal (Sedibeng Region) who casted her vote in the first democratic elections in 1994 hoping to get a better life, but her dream is shattered, she had to endure the struggle.

The 78-year-old granny says she applied for an RDP (Reconstruction and Development Programme) house, but when she went to check her name on the system she was told it is not reflecting.

She lives in a dreadful shack not far from where the RDP houses were issued.

Emfuleni Local Municipality(ELM) is mum on when they are going to help her get +a house as an indigent or a special case.

Mzoto is aware her life is deteriorating, but remains hopeful that the municipality will someday heed her plea before she departs this world.
When these newshounds visited her, she was not in a good state as she struggled to breath.

“I do not want much, I only need a house. Many people who I lived with inclusive of my husband died while waiting for their houses. When is the government going to give me a house, why are they side lining me, she asked.

In her first consultation with this scribe, she stated her willingness to meet with the-then ELM Mayor, Greta Hlongwane and Sedibeng District Municipality’s Mahole Mofokeng.

“I am tired now, scores of people and officials frequent my place, take pictures of my house and dire situation with a promise of bettering my demise but nothing has changed. Go and tell those mayors I want to see them,” she concluded.



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