Vereeniging shouldn’t panic about fuel leak

Posted: 01/10/2015 in General

Residents in Vereeniging have been assured that there is no reason to panic following a fuel leak in the area, Gauteng Co-operative Gov¬ernance and Traditional Affairs MEC Jacob Mamabolo said.

On June 30, fire and rescue ser¬vices received complaints of a “heavy fuel odour” in the Vereeniging CBD, and an investiga¬tion found that petrol and gas fumes were coming from a main sewer network in the area, Mamabolo said in a statement.

There fire and rescue depart¬ment together with energy and chemical company Sasol conducted tests on Tuesday to ascertain the severity of the pollution.
“I want to assure the com¬munity that all measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the residents and that con¬tingency plans are in place to avert any possible dangerous scenario,” the MEC said.

The filing station where the fumes were coming from has underground tanks with a 65 000 litres of petrol capacity, 37 000 litres of diesel and 440 litres of LPG.

The filing station had been asked to provide to provide its pressure test certificate to ascertain if that might not be the source of the leak, Mamabolo said.

The owner indicated that he would conduct a second pressure test.

“Fire and rescue is cur¬rently awaiting the certifi¬cate, with the purpose of determining the leakage.
Should the findings con¬firm the leakage, it will be expected for the owner to correct the leakage imme¬diately,” he said.

Contingency plans have been put in place.

This includes having the Vereeniging fire station on 24-hour standby and mak¬ing sure there is sufficient fire fighting foam at all three fire stations in the Emfuleni local municipality.

Vanderbijlpark and Evaton fire sta¬tions would provide additional back¬up, while Midvaal, Lesedi and City of Johannesburg municipalities prom¬ised to assist if needed.

There would also be continuous in¬spection of the sewer system and af¬fected manholes would be regularly opened for natural ventilation. If this did not work mechanical ventilation would be used.

Mamabolo said the contingency plan was enough to deal with the antici¬pated situation.


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