Posted: 01/10/2015 in Current Affairs
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LIGHTS ON: Jake Lehoko gives a live demonstration of how the electricity meter box will work during the Smart Meter launch.

LIGHTS ON: Jake Lehoko gives a live demonstration
of how the electricity meter box will
work during the Smart Meter launch.

Emfuleni Local Municipality(ELM) is in the process of entering a new chapter with the roll-out of smart meters for both electricity and water to residential households and busi¬nesses in Emfuleni.

The Project which is estimated in the region of a billion rand which was made possible by the Public Pri¬vate Partnership between the ELM, Chinese based BFC company and BXC SA was launched on Thursday at Lapa on Vaal, Three Rivers.

The implementation of the Smart Meters throughout Emfuleni is said to assist the municipality in improving its infrastructure, overcoming challenges associated with estimat¬ed meter readings, inaccurate bill¬ing and loss of revenue.

Addressing the media, Municipal Manager, Sam Shabalala said tech world has been moving very fast and that goes hand-in-hand with urbanisation.

“The system is a mechanism to regulate and not to cut consumption for basic services and the residents can rest assured knowing that the municipality didn’t spent a cent on the 10-year contract as such there is no way in the future we will hike the tariff to compensate the debt in-curred,” Shabalala added.

The 60-page performance based contract which was negotiated for four (4) years has a clause which gives the municipality the right to step-in without the service provid¬er interdicting.

“We didn’t want to risk resi¬dent’s money and negotiated with the private sector to bear the risk instead, residents will be able to view their consumption patterns and make informed decisions around managing and reducing their consumption.

The benefits of the installation mean that there will be no more estimated bills and will reduce theft of water and electricity as the smart meters will have anti-tampering technology and tamper alarms linked to the municipality’s system,” Shabalala concluded.


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