Patrollers to Reduce Accidents

Posted: 01/10/2015 in Education
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ON ALERT: Metro Police Officers monitoring Langalibalele Dube Primary School patrollers in Lakeside, Orange Farm.

ON ALERT: Metro Police Officers monitoring Langalibalele Dube Primary School patrollers in Lakeside, Orange Farm.

Langalibalele Dube Primary school has been provided with patrollers to safeguard pu¬pils.

Now the educators will not lose sleep about the safety of children when they cross one of the main roads in Lakeside exten¬sion 2.

The patrollers are none other than pupils from Lan¬galibalele Dube School.

The initiative is one of Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development.

It was curved when they came to the school to do¬nate a state of the art li¬brary and Resources center that has an estimated price tag of one million rand.

Tebogo Makofane, coor¬dinator for school patroller said they are giving chil¬dren to run programme.

“In this initiative we are working with department of education and JMPD. We will be monitoring pa¬trollers and their educators. We are also going to provide them with a proper training” he explained.

The patrollers were also monitored by Johannes¬burg Metro Police offi¬cers.

Makofane said they are they have identified dis¬advantage school that need patrollers.

He added: “We are not providing this kind of inventiveness in Orange Farm only, but in other provinces as well. We saw a need for this because many children are hit by cars on their way to school. We want them to be safe.”

Mark Lambert, Imperial Holding CEO said their aim is also to educate children about the safety of the roads.

“But our supplemen¬tary aspire; we want to reduce roads accidents in the streets. By putting children on the streets to be pa¬trollers, is that we want to condense accidents. Motorists are going to be cautious as children will be controlling traf¬fic,” he explained.

He said motorists do not want to take orders from the elders.

“We are certain that they would be taking orders from the chil¬dren.

We also want pupils to learn roads regula¬tions at a tender age,” he concluded.


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