Mayhem as memorandum disappears

Posted: 01/10/2015 in Current Affairs
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LAND ISSUE: Lakeside residents joined by members of the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance’s up arms marching for housing.

LAND ISSUE: Lakeside residents joined by members of the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance’s up arms marching for housing.

What was said to be a ‘peace¬ful’ march undertaken by the residents of Lakeside extensions, Orange Farm ended in a cul-de-sac when two political parties locked horns.

The march which was to seek solu¬tion following eviction of certain Re¬construction and Development Pro¬gramme (RDP) houses occupiers and to address a number of issues relating to housing in the area which has been a predicament for over two decades proved futile when members of the Af¬rican National Congress (ANC) and Democratic Alliance (DA) tussled over each other resulting to the disappear¬ance of a memorandum that was meant to be handed over to Gauteng Human Set¬tlements, MEC Jacob Mamabolo.

It is alleged that some home occupiers are not the rightful owners while major¬ity are without title deeds.

Dressed in yellow t-shirts, ANC mem¬bers argued that the DA hijacked the march and made it their own and that they won’t sit in their laurels and watch as the opposition party influence mem¬bers of the community.

In a spare of the moment Ward 02 Councillor Siphiwe Mshayisa and fellow comrades barricaded the entry to local government offices; this act saw DA PR councillor Sizwe Mnguni leading his flock to the nearest police station in an attempt to open a case of violation of rights against the ruling party.

Mshayisa said, “The opposition want to politicise this march, as members of the ANC, we won’t allow this to hap¬pen. We are heading to 2016 elections, now everyone wants to be visible in the community. This march was organ¬ised by South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) leaders, col¬lectively with the DA decided to give them support. But we were so shocked when we see them hijacking it.”

He added by saying the march was supposed to be guided by community leaders.

“They have intimidated us when we are about to hand over the memoran¬dum. Now we are planning to open a case of intimidation against them” ex¬plained Mnguni.

He said despite the disruption of ANC, they would find a way to meet with Mamabolo’s office.
Mnguni fumed: “The community must know that this is not over. We will fight for what we believe is right.”

Orange Farm acting station com¬mander, Mxolisi Nama confirmed that DA members came lay a complaint and tried to open a case against ANC mem¬bers.

“We can’t open a case of intimidation if they were just stopped from the entrance. Our officials will go and investigate whether that took place, then we will take it from there” concluded Nama.
Tshepo Ndlalane, a representa¬tive from SANCO said they are disappointed by the leadership of DA because the memorandum was supposed to be handed by them.

According to him, their organisa¬tion is the one which was mandat¬ed to lead all community marches.


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