Posted: 01/10/2015 in News
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SO LONG: The survivor of the engulfed smoke inhalation Lebo Makoko cries uncontrollably at the cemetery as her siblings are laid to rest.

SO LONG: The survivor of the engulfed smoke inhalation Lebo Makoko cries uncontrollably at the cemetery as her siblings are laid to rest.

The services must come to residents so that we could not stumble upon to crisis.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with this scribe, a chairper¬son of South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) in Ward 02, Lakeside, next to Orange Farm, Nkosifikile Gqomo has lambasted members of Emergency Medical Ser¬vices (EMS and firefighters) including South African Police Service (SAPS) by saying they are not devoted to their work.

He said residents are struggling to get services on time.

This came shortly after Setjhaba Thato Makoko, (10), and Thaban¬ga Daniel Toto, (18), were burnt to death in Lakeside in the wee hours of Wednesday last week.

When the incident occurred, Setjha¬ba, Thabang and their sister Lebo Makoko (18) who escaped the flames were fast asleep.

Lebo smelled the smoke and when she went to the sitting room to probe what was going on, she saw the smoke and fire – she then rushed to awaken Thabanga.

Thabang rushed to rescue Setjhaba but both inhaled the smoke.

“If the ambulances or EMS came on time, these people could still be alive as we speak. We understand that the residents rescued them from the fire; they placed them on the lawn and called ambulances.

These people never arrive in time. They arrived around 05:00, the fum¬ing Gqomo explained.

Apparently when the residents called ambulances, they were told that member of EMS were “on strike.”

Neighbours and residents say it took (EMS) them two to three hours to respond to the fire which killed the siblings.

Suzan Mziyizani, who is the moth¬er of the deceased, also pointed fin¬gers at Johannesburg EMS by say¬ing they must be held accountable for her children’s death.

However, Orange Farm is a big area and it is notorious of limited resources.

He also insists that residents must be skilled about electricity.

Sphiwe Mshayisa, a ward coun¬cilor applauded residents for their unity during the tragedy.
Mshayisa said residents and vol¬unteers headed the call – they came in numbers to lend a hand since day one.

He explained “Such days are dif¬ficult not only to the family but even to us community. This is also a loss to us. I’m impressed on how (com¬munity) were so united. If we could be united like this, we can go far as a country.”


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