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NEWLY ELECTED LEADERSHIP - Bheki Ngobese, Robert Thema, Mahole Mofokeng, Lerato Maloka and Melina Gomba. Photo by Tumelo Mofokeng.

NEWLY ELECTED LEADERSHIP – Bheki Ngobese, Robert Thema, Mahole Mofokeng, Lerato Maloka and Melina Gomba.                                                    Photo by Tumelo Mofokeng.

By Sonqoba Kunene and Reginald Nhlapo

The much anticipated Sedibeng African National Congress (ANC) 12th Regional Conference which started on Friday will end today at St. George’s Hotel and Conference Centre in Pretoria.

The conference which created division among the ruling party members resulted in two cores #SyTrain versus #ToyBob which were contesting leadership in the region.

Speaking at the conference Gauteng ANC Chairman Paul Mashatile said, “We have to go back to the basics like keeping our towns clean, roads maintained, water and electricity accessible for our people. Comrades like meetings; we want work and not meetings. What are the meetings for if there’s no action on the ground? We don’t want lazy leaders; we don’t want leaders who all talk but no action. We’re coming back end of April, not only to the regional leadership but also to the branches and zones in Gauteng.
We want an organization that is alive, so we’re coming. We’re coming because we want to build a strong ANC. Gauteng is the second biggest in ANC membership in the country but we want to be number 1. 12 million people live here, so we must be number one. We want an ANC that is alive every day and not just on conference days. Councillors must do their work. Officials must also do their work.”

Mashatile told delegates that Gauteng ANC was disappointed by some of the activities which took place ahead of the ANC Sedibeng conference. “People were disrupting meetings and even threatening comrades. Those who contravened the constitution, action are going to be taken against them. We must deal with them. There must be action. We must act without fear or favour.”

SANCO Sedibeng Chairman Mlungisi Hlongwane made solid remarks, “We are here to find solutions to the challenges faced by the residents of all informal dwellings in Sedibeng. We owe of the people of the Vaal more as the leaders. Our people don’t deserve to be led by factions.”

ANC Sedibeng Elective Conference Results:
CHAIRPERSON – Mahole Mofokeng (180 votes) Sarhili Manqha (87 votes) * 1 ballot paper spoiled
DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON – Kunene (100) Thema (167 votes) * 1 Absentia
SECRETARY – Mthembu (87 votes) Ngobese (181 votes)
DEPUTY SECRETARY – Dlamini (86 votes) Maloka (181 votes)
* 1 Absentia
TREASURER – Gomba (174 votes) Mashaba (8 votes) Mosai (84 votes)

268 registered voters voted