School director threatens mother of a sick learner

Posted: 30/12/2013 in General
TOP: Betty Mothupi shed tears as she relates her ordeal in the hands of the school’s director. TRANSFORMATION: *Nobantu had to lose her fancy hairstyle as a result of being possessed.

TOP: Betty Mothupi shed tears as she relates her ordeal in the hands of the school’s director. TRANSFORMATION: *Nobantu had to lose her fancy hairstyle as a result of being possessed.

The never-ending ugly spat and hostile behaviour displayed by learners in schools lately has not only raised eyebrows but raise more questions than answers. With the final examination having commenced in the past weeks The View has been inundated with calls from the public at large raising concerns and calling for intervention with a belief that solution will be found.

*Nobantu is a 20-year old learner in her final secondary schooling year at Vutomi Secondary School in Orange Farm. Her family called The View after she suddenly fell ill and were sent from pillar to post by the school regarding her readiness to sit in for exams.

Apparently a prayer session was arranged at the school a weekend prior to the commencement of exams, the consequences of that session weren’t satisfactory as it is said that learners were complaining of evil spirits and as a result two learners were possessed.

In an interview with the family, they pleaded for help for their ailing daughter. Nobantu’s mother Betty Mothupi said, “It is sad to see my daughter in this state of health, she is a bright child and I had pinned my hopes on her to save the family from poverty since I could finish school; we’ve had pastors coming over to pray for her but her condition kept on deteriorating.”

“The school management instructed me to take her to the doctor but that is just a formality you can see that divine intervention is all she needs as she has been acting strangely.”

When asked about *Nobantu’s chance of writing the remaining subjects since she missed two subjects, the school’s principal, Nicholas Hama said, “I’m afraid I have no say over such matter however I would urge you to approach officials from the department of Education.” Before referring the learner to a nearby school where the department’s officials were.

*Nobantu was assessed by the department officials and she insisted that she was feeling better, confident and ready to write her exams she was driven back to Vutomi Secondary School in the company of her mother by the officials.
According to Mothupi, the school’s director waited for the department’s officials to leave before lambasting her in a company of his son.

“He accused me of playing smart by involving the media and vowed to teach me a lesson, he further told me that my daughter will not pass despite everything we tried and that he no longer wants her at his school,” Mothupi added.
*Nobantu has since been transferred to further write her remaining subjects at another school under supervision.
Attempts to get comment from the school’s director proved futile however his son, Given Ngobeni was on hand to respond on behalf of the school.

“We met with the mother and advised her to take the learner to a doctor failing which she should approach the police station for an affidavit, the following day she came back to collect her daughter’s clothes from the camp situated within the vicinity of the school. What we don’t understand as the school is why she had to involve the media,” he asked.

Ngobeni admitted that the mother had a heated exchange of words with his father and that two other learners were possessed by the evil spirit and as such the school has decided to separate them from the rest of the learners for the duration of the exams.

He refused to divulge whether it was the school or the pastors who arranged the prayer session however it is understood that the school’s director was present on the particular day.

Gauteng department of Education failed dismally to respond to a list of questions sent by The View but instead distanced itself. “We have limited jurisdiction because that is an independent school. However we sent a team of senior officials and our pastoral care team to advise the school on how to address the matter,” said the department spokesperson Gershwin Chuenyane.

The View Newspaper is in possession of video footage pertaining *Nobantu‘s ordeal.

*Not real name – changed to protect her identity

Article: As published on The View News


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