Residents at loggerhead with municipality over land

Posted: 30/12/2013 in Politics
Herman Mboqe, Tumelo Motaung, Jessy Tshabalala and Mosire Modise are frustrated with Emfuleni Municipal’s dilly-dally act.

Herman Mboqe, Tumelo Motaung, Jessy Tshabalala and Mosire Modise are frustrated with Emfuleni Municipal’s dilly-dally act.

“Go back to where you come from,” these are the harsh words allegedly uttered by the Executive Mayor of Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM), Greta Hlongwane to the residents who are said to be occupying the land illegally.

The community of Wildebeesfontein which comprises of Debonair Park and Ironsyde among others are up in arms with the ELM over a land which remains a mystery over its rightful owner.

The disgruntled residents claim Hlongwane ridiculed them in a meeting where she boasted that they should vacate the land which they’ve been staying in since 2009.

Mosire Modise says; “All we want from the municipality is to know whether we can buy the land and that they must stop with threats of eviction especially during festive period as it has been a norm for years now. This is traumatic because it usually happens towards the school’s examinations and as such destabilises our children.

“We have been pleading with the municipality to come to the table and discuss the matter as we are interest to buy but they’re just not interested in meeting us, we have been to Luthuli House and Land Commission and they referred us back to the municipality, we even enlisted legal assistance but it was of no help.”

According to the residents they paid R160 registration fee and a further R2750 monthly to Mandla Nangalembe who was believed to be a representative of the municipality.

“We reported him to the municipality but they distanced themselves and advised us to open a case of fraud against him, Nangalembe identified Vlakfontein in 2004 as an ideal place to sell stands to ardent buyers failing which he settled for the area.

”Recently we had a new neighbour who moved in claiming to have bought land for R4 000, the delay to act from the municipality is worrying and should it emerge that that the land doesn’t belong to the municipality, we would have no option but initiate legal route and sue them. The municipality told us to vacate our houses and come back after 4 days what kind of fools do they take us for, asked Modise.

The View is in possession of a letter dated 7 August 2013 signed by ELM’s Assistant Manager, Chris Pretorius acknowledging receipt of correspondence from the community and further informs the occupants of warrant of ejectment for a number of the illegal occupiers in Ironsyde. The letter further state that should the other occupiers not vacate before the 31 August, they will continue without further notification for their eviction as their occupation is also illegal.

ELM failed to revert back at time of going to print.

Article: As published on The View News (October 2013)


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