Radio DJ hospitalised

Posted: 30/12/2013 in Infotainment
Thetha FM's Breakfast show host Daniel Dezz Rakgogo. Photo: Supplied

Thetha FM’s Breakfast show host Daniel Dezz Rakgogo. Photo: Supplied

Motho oa kgale okile are “re kopane re le dithaka empa re salekane”. I am the son of Montgomery, and I’m twice as nice”. These are some of the phrases you‘re bound to hear weekdays every morning when your dial is on Thetha FM 100.6Mhz by Daniel Rakgogo.

Dezz as he is affectionately known to his listeners was admitted to hospital recently after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Dezz said, “The lump (on my left thigh) started in March this year, back then it seemed harmless but it grew until a point where I couldn’t take it any longer. I consulted a government hospital and was told I’ll be on the waiting list and the only time they could accommodate me will be next year, mind you I’ve been having sleepless nights.

Rakgogo has been off air but assured his fans and friends that he will be back on his feet in no time.

“I am confident that I will pull through, at times I would ask myself why does it has to be me but only God knows and will see me through. I mean there have been people who managed to overcome this illness and I believe that I will too and only the strong survive,” concluded a tearful Rakgogo.

Article: As published on The View News


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