NYAOPE eating our young alive

Posted: 30/12/2013 in General
TOP: Siboniso and Vusi meet for a daily dose of nyaope.  BOTTOM: Siboniso getting down to business of being high

TOP: Siboniso and Vusi meet for a daily dose of nyaope.
BOTTOM: Siboniso getting down to business of being high.

TOP: Siboniso and Vusi meet for a daily dose of nyaope.
BOTTOM: Siboniso getting down to business of being high

Nyaope, also known as whoonga, is a dangerous and highly addictive South African street drug. Nyaope is a fine white powder that is usually combined with marijuana (dagga) and smoked.

It is not always clear what all of the ingredients of nyaope are, and the ingredients may vary from place to place. But one thing is clear: Nyaope is made of a lethal combination of substances, which can include heroin, detergent powder, rat poison, and crushed anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs).

Siboniso Mdlalose, aged 22 has been smoking the drug for over three years now and is one of the victims of the popular drug that has led plenty of youth astray.

Talking to Siboniso during his morning dose he said, “I started smoking as a way of fun unfortunately in the end I got hooked, the cravings were so unbearable that’s when I realised that I can’t live without it and am now depending on it.

This lousy plastic cost us R40 and we share, when we’re done we have to go back on the streets and hustle. The minute I get money the first thing that comes to mind is to feed the addiction. It is by grace that I still have these sneakers; I have nothing because I sold everything I had even my cell phone.”

Asked where he get syringe which he uses to inject himself with, he responded “From grannies that are suffering from sugar-diabetes, remember that grannies have access to these instruments as they undergo treatment at clinics.
Siboniso maintains he was a promising soccer star during his hey-days but today all that has gone with the wind.

“I was good when it comes to school work, my classmates won’t believe what I’ve turned out to be. Though I’d love to go back to school but I can’t, because that means missing out on hustling and the urge of feeding the addiction; where will I find time to get money,” he asked.

“My dreams are shattered; I wish I could get another opportunity. I have a child and I don’t even get time to spend with him. We are really in need of help, if I could get it I would really appreciate. I have goals however achieving them is a steep while this drug is on my way.”

Siboniso jokingly elaborated, “There is a myth that nyaope user don’t get a hard on, that’s a lie, the truth of the matter is that we take longer to come (sic).

Albert Msimanga, a parent said, “Every Tuesday we have a meeting at Moloantoa filling stating in Zone 12 where we try to find ways on how to fight the usage of the drug by our children.

” Msimanga made a plea to parents to join them in eradicating this drug that has taken over.

“Don’t be ashamed to tag your kid along to get help because this scourge has widely spread, in the near future our youth would be no more as a result of nyaope. Failure to act at an early stage will lead into dire consequences”

Article: As published on The View News (November 2013)


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