Leaders must account for non-service delivery, says Tau

Posted: 30/12/2013 in Politics
Executive Mayor of Joburg Mpho Tau.

Executive Mayor of Joburg Mpho Tau.

In anticipation of the elections scheduled to take place in 2014, the African National Congress moved swiftly and hosted a caucus meeting on Thursday at the Chris Hani Stadium, Orange Farm.

Faithfull’s donning colours of the ruling party descended at the venue to lend an ear to their leaders.
Johannesburg mayor, Mpho Tau made it known that it was imperative that leaders account for non-service delivery.

“The City of Johannesburg encountered problems with houses in Lakeside Extension which were built on a wet land and people had to be moved to Tima Lebone. People occupied houses whilst we were not aware of certain things such as small pipes for majority of houses, there was a period where houses built flew as a result of a stormy weather and shacks remained intact, we now know that we cannot build houses where demand is rather at a right place.

“The issue of sewerage is being addressed in the greater Johannesburg south, the sewerage treatment plant in Sedibeng region will be able to take the level generated.

“So in a nutshell Orange Farm has really not being established as a township, in the near future we will be conducting public consultation which will help us address a number of things. We will be working around the clock in ensuring that intensity development take place alongside the Stretford railway area and the Golden Highway.

“According to statistics, there are over 4,4 million people residing in the region and out of that 42 percent are poor while 20 percent of them are food insecure; which is why we have initiated projects like Urban food security and these projects helps in creating employment.

“We have redesigned our community consultancy and will frequent wards to see if agreement can’t be reached on services provided, towards the end of the year we will come back to give feedback and inform of changes that are uplifting for the community,” said Tau.

Article: As published on The View News (October 2013)


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