Lakeside Extension, what a troubled township by Sizwe Mnguni

Posted: 30/12/2013 in Politics
Democratic Alliance’s PR Councillor Sizwe Mnguni

Democratic Alliance’s PR Councillor Sizwe Mnguni

Following outcry from community members regarding naming of streets in Lakeside Extension, The View caught up with Democratic Alliance’s PR Councillor Sizwe Mnguni to give clarity but we got more than we bargained for as he opened a can of worms.

It is understood that this place was previously owned and planned by Hoffmeyer; he then later sold it to the government. Nearly over two decades into democracy we now have this area with street names such as Ugethu, Iphane, Milkwood and Leadwood which the community have no knowledge on of their invention.

Problems are not only with street names but the entire area, many routes here are problematic. This project was initiated back in 1996 and Mbhazima Shilowa and Tokyo Sexwale were responsible of the renaming.
In 2007 we tried to question Premier Nomvula Mokonyane who was a Minister by then.

Lakeside Extension was not known in the Province as to where it falls under; it was only after 2009 that the matter was resolved as a result service started to take place in the area.

City of Johannesburg and Emfuleni Local Municipality clashed about a supposedly shopping mall which initially was to be erected in Lakeside Proper but is now under construction in Stretford Railway Station.

In 2009 the City of Johannesburg issued a tender. Orange Farm as a whole was not a formalised township, a number f areas in Orange Farm are not formalised hence we have problems with title deeds and that is not empowering.

It is absurd to note that we have limited schools in Lakeside Extension, this goes to prove the old saying that if you want to hide information for an African soul simply put it in the books. The only high school in our vicinity has had 3 Principals in a short space of time and that spells disaster.

Education is a crucial tool and our children must be exposed to it from an earlier stage, we need crèches where kids learn and not just sleep.

Recently a school child fell in an open ditch that has been lying around and not attended to, as we speak that child is fighting for her life in a health care facility, if the child was from a rich family the government would have been in hot water but because she’s not, she will have to carry on as if everything is normal.

Currently there is a Planning meeting which leaders are attending in Ennerdale, in these meeting it’s where we outline the needs of our community and address other issue collectively but I’m ashamed to inform you that none of the Orange Farm’s councillors attends; this act makes me wonder, “who are they representing?”

There was a meeting scheduled recently where Sphiwe Mshayisa was expected to address the community but he never pitched, councillors are neglecting their wards but they are not missed at the newly built mall in the area, because that’s where the money is. When you raise these issues they have a nerve to accuse you of playing dirty politics.

 Attempts to get hold of ANC Councillor Sphiwe Mshayisa proved futile as his phone rang unanswered.

Article: As published on The View News (October 2013)


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