ANC Sedibeng Region commemorates Isithwalandwe/Seaparankoe

Posted: 30/12/2013 in Politics
Leaders, cadres and residents of Sedibeng region converged to commemorate the late Former President Nelson Mandela.

Leaders, cadres and residents of Sedibeng region converged to commemorate the late Former President Nelson Mandela.

The African National Congress Sedibeng Region hosted a Regional Memorial Service at Saul Tsotetsi Complex on Monday to celebrate the life and contribution made by the democratically elected Former President Nelson Mandela who passed away on Thursday 05th December.

The service which was attended by the regional, provincial and national executive committee members of the ANC, NGO sectors and members of the public was used to remember the 10th December 2012 which marked the 17th Anniversary of the signing of the South African Constitution into law by the then President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela in Sharpeville in 1996.

This historic event, which heralded the end of the minority rule and the dawn of the democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa was concluded on the hallowed grounds of the George Thabe Stadium, a stone throw from the Sharpeville Police Station where the barrage of bullets from the police of the then apartheid government mowed down the 69 heroes and heroines of the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960.

The regional secretary of the ANC, Bob Mthembu said, “Mandela stood for reconciliation, happiness and joy. As we moan Mandela, we must internalise what he stood for so that when we celebrate his lasting legacy we be conciliatory, united and be ambassador of peace in our areas. In celebrating the life of Mandela it must also be a re-birth of the ruling party, the ANC must go back to God and we must not be apologetic about it.”

“I remember vividly when we welcomed Walter Sisulu’s corpse home, Mandela looked very sad at the sight of Sisulu’s coffin but he soldiered on and vowed to help this country reach promised land and it happened. Unfortunately things in this country has become a reality, challenge that we are faced with now that he’s no more is to keep hope alive. Mandela is no more and the sequence of passing the baton is now final,” added Reverend Gift Moerane.

A number of places namely Wilberforce College, Saul Tsotetsi Complex, Sedibeng and Sharpeville Constitutional Square are identified as places to lay wreaths and condolences message cards.


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